7 Things I Learned From Styling The Incomparable Kate Beckinsale

Part of my job is styling celebrities for magazine covers, photo shoots and red carpet events.  I love working with talented strong women and Kate Beckinsale is no exception.  I styled Kate for  Shape's Jan/Feb issue on stands today.  

1. Sexy is a State of Mind - Kate is the rare sex symbol who is actually sexy.  Check out her BTS video, a true pro.

2. Eat Healthy and Often- She brings her own healthy food on set to keep up the energy.

3. Surround Yourself with Talent- Working with a talented and fun team is key on a photoshoot.  Kate's amazing hairstylist, Italo Gregorio, has worked with her for 20 years and they are like family.

Italo Gregorio at work! @italogregorio

Italo Gregorio at work! @italogregorio

4. The English Never Loose Their Dry Humor- Kate's quick wit and self deprecation had us in stitches!

5. Know Your Swimsuit Shape and Stick With It- I am a big believer in sticking to the shapes that work on your body but even I fall prey to fashion trends.  Kate said no to a one-piece swimsuit and she was right.  Who would cover up those killer abs?!

6. Embrace Every Stage of Life - At 43 Kate is looking and feeling her best, serious inspiration.

7. Wear High Heels- Because every leg looks better in a heel!